Edwin L. Ackerman

Ackerman, Edwin LI was born during 1935 in the town of Paterson, NJ. Then I lived on a farm near Hackettstown, NJ until 1942 when my family returned to Paterson. Next, I enlisted in the National Guard in 1952 and upon my high school graduation, I enlisted in the Army. After being released from the Army during 1957, I attended Michigan State for two years and in January, 1959 I married Edith Kengel. Then, I enlisted in the Regular Air Force in June of 1959 and was stationed at Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC.

Then I graduated from OCS in April 1962 and completed Air Police Officer School in October of 1962. I was then stationed at Clark AB, the Philippines between December 1962 and June 1965. In March 1964 I was promoted to 1st Lieutenant. Next, Edith and I were sent to MacDill AFB, FL in July 1965.

In July 1966 I was transferred to the Army and attended MP Officers Career Course at Fort Gordon, GA. I received my promotion to Captain in September 1966 and was stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. Next, I served in Vietnam in December of ’67 and was an advisor II Corps at a PW Camp at Fort Dix, NJ from January 1969 until May 1971. Finally, I was released from active duty during May 1971.

Edie died during January 1973 which was six months after moving into the present house. In April 1974 I was remarried and gained two daughters to go with my son and daughter, thus our family became a mini Brady Bunch. The kids are grown up, have finished college, are all married, and live within 30 miles of us. There are nine grandchildren ranging from age 17 down to age 4. Thus, I have lived in the same house for over 30 years in a great little town named Bordentown that encompasses one square mile, was founded in 1662 and is located eight miles south of Trenton, NJ.