Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Iaccarino was born 20 October 1936 near New York City and died on 23 September 1983, one month before his 48th birthday.

Andy attended the USAF Officer Candidate School, graduating in September 1962. After completing the Finance Officer’s School at Sheppard AFB he was assigned to Loring AFB, Maine. During his tour there he married his long-time sweetheart Rae.

Subsequent assignments included Oslo, Norway (Military Attache office); Gunter AFB, AL; Loring AFB, ME again and Andrews AFB, VA. His specialty continued to be Finance.

LtCol Iaccarino, while stationed at Loring AFB in 1982, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Shortly afterward, he was transferred to Andrews AFB where he could receive more effective treatment.

After about eight months of treatment involving medicines and other techniques which did not appear to be helping, Andy decided to retire and seek civilian medical care. He was admitted to the Sloan-Kettering Hospital in 1983 where he underwent two lung operations. (His cancer had become bi-lateral and was not responding adequately to treatments).

On 23 September 1983 he passed away leaving his wife Rae and two children, a son and a daughter. Andy is buried in Park Lawn Memorial Park, a small cemetery near Langley AFB in Hampton, VA.