Anthony J. Trennel

TrennelAnthony (Tony) Joseph Trennel married Joy Rupert in May of 1958. They have three children: Lee, USAF (ret); Lori, USAF four years; and Jon, US Army Guard six years; living in Olympia, WA. Roswell, NM, and Albuquerque, NM, respectively. No, Lori is not an Alien! Our grandkids include: (Lori) Aaron Mendoza, MP in Marines; Anna Marie, college and work; (Lee) Charlene, Senior; James Moody, Forestry Engineer; and Katie Moody. Our great-grandkids are Kayana and Isabel. There is something about that word “great!”

In 1958 I joined the USAF. Afterwards in Oregon, I acquired a GED and worked in electronics, liquid oxygen production, and fighter squadron combat operations. In 1962 I was selected for Officer Candidate School (OCS). I worked as a communications officer, later on the missile combat crew and then on to USAF Weapons Laboratory ending up in the Inspector Generals Directorate of Nuclear Surety (mainly missile engineering/safety type work and some inspections). Also, I served on the NWSSG that produced the weapon system safety rules.

In 1970 I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wyoming. I also earned my Master of Science (ME) degree from the University of New Mexico in 1973. After retirement from the USAF as a Major in 1978, I began working at Sandia National Laboratories starting with nuclear safety (pointy end of missile). Then on to technical editing of the two corporate journals. Maintaining a moving target posture I was captured and sent back to safety to work unauthorized launch issues (Titan II and Minuteman).

Next, I escaped into a program called Future Look developing concepts for the future defense of Europe. That was during the time Soviets were employing SS-20 missiles. I was following Pershing and Ground Launched Cruise Missile systems at their deployment areas in Germany and England.

Observe, learn and make better.

Then I conceived and worked on a rail mobile system concept; then the Berlin Wall came down. Finally, I ended up doing nuclear medicine (Mo-99 bulk product) transportation concepts. On 1 Jan 2000, I retired from Sandia. During 1970 to mid-1980 I acquired a commercial pilot license with instrument/multi-engine ratings. Been thinking about starting again but high cost and insurance impacts make one think twice.

Have spent many days in the West vacationing with family and hunting in several states. In 1981 I got a world record Persian Ibex here in NM. Joy and I traveled overseas extensively and we took Jon on two of the trips – Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Norway, Denmark, England and Scotland. We also headed out to Hawaii and continued to Guam and Saipan. Next, we plan to travel to New Zealand and Alaska with sights also on seeing Iceland.