William A. Buono


Early Life

Born in Ogunquit, Maine and lived the majority of my first eighteen years there.

Enlisted Life

Had nine years enlisted and attained the rank of TSgt (E6) as a radar maintenance technician. Highest positions held were NCOIC of C & E, and C & E Maintenance Inspector at Antigo AFS, Wisconsin.

OCS Memories

My memories of OCS are THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY!!!!!

Life After OCS

My first permanent duty assignment after flying/technical schools was as a B-52G copilot at Robins AFB, GA. Later upgraded to Standboard Copilot and Pilot. After one TDY tour in SEA from Robins AFB, I was assigned to Ellsworth AFB, SD. After two TDY tours to SEA, I was upgraded to Instructor Pilot and assigned to Wing Headquarters as Chief of Bomber Scheduling. From there I was assigned to Kelly AFB as a Flight Test Pilot and Chief B-52 Flight Examiner. Attained the rank of Major as a regular officer. Retired at Kelly AFB after 13 years of commissioned service. I then purchased a gentlemen’s farm of 15 acres in Maine. I then began my tenure with GTE, which included positions of Senior Electronics Technician, Senior Engineering Tec, and Senior Buyer. After working at plants in Maine and New Hampshire, I retired for “good.”

Life Today

After selling a home in New Hampshire, and finally settled down in Labelle, FL, where I met my current bride Mary. We bought an old radio station, and after extensive remodeling, leased the offices. A few years later we purchased the remaining lots on the block. Between the office complex and our home, I keep busy. No mortgage payments – so we can continue to feast on delicious Maine lobsters! LIFE IS GOOD!! GOD BLESS!!