William R. Long


My Life Prior to Joining the USAF

Born Rensselaer, IN. Completed Rensselaer High 1955.

My Enlisted Experiences

Entered USAF Jan 1956. Basic at Lackland, Tech School Kelly AFB (Security Service) Assigned RAF Chicksands Priory 1957-1960 got married, produced 1st child. Langley AFB VA 1960-1962, produced 2nd child.–OCS.

My Memories of the OCS Experience

A-Locker Drill when a member of the 1st class was standing in front of me with the door to the A-Locker hanging free of all restraints in his hand, I think it might have been Gerry Nolan but it might have been Piowaty.

How My Life Unfolded After OCS

Pilot training Big Springs where a tendency to lose 500′ in the pitch out prompted an early transfer to Nav Training, James Connally Waco, TX. EC-121’s Otis AFB, MA. RC-121’s Korat RTAFB. Navigator Instructor and Headquarters Section Commander Supply Sq. Mather AFB, CA. Student Squadron Commander Security Police Training Lackland AFB, TX. My squadron occupied the OCS Dormitories. Aircrew Training F-111’s Nellis AFB, NV. F-111’s Upper Heyford AFB, England. Retirement August 1980.

Life Today

After retirement, Gina and I returned to university to acquire Texas teacher certificates from Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX. I taught math and physics for 7 years. Kids were more than I could handle. Took a second retirement. Gina taught math until retiring at the end of the 2001-2002 school year. I also studied for 4 years to become an ordained Permanent Deacon of the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church and was ordained in 1988.

Plans for the Future

Exactly what I’m doing now or maybe just a little bit less. Devoting lots of time to Gina, our two kids, and our five grandkids.