Garwood Noud


Early Life

Saw my first snow on Friday, March 13, 1936 in Coral, Michigan. Had two older brothers and still have two younger sisters. Spent early years fighting, playing ball and working for local farmers. Graduated from Lakeview High School in 1954. Ex-fan of the Detroit Tigers and the Lions. After three years of factory work in Greenville and Grand Rapids, Michigan; I thought I’d give the USAF a break.

Enlisted Life

(From 21 May 1957 to 18 December 1962) First PCS was to 623rd AC&W Sq at England AFB, La. Was then reassigned to Hq Sq Oklahoma City Air Defense Group in September of 1959. Worked in personnel and was promoted to SSgt March 1961. Attended Oklahoma Univ. at night for two years. Spent time TDY on inspection teams visiting AC&W squadrons in the Southwest US.

OCS Memories

Believed in the Creed of “Do not lie, cheat or steal”. Found a few days of sanctuary in volunteering for “Skunk Control Officer”. Took pride in Drill 19 competition and in the mental, physical and moral conditioning. Did not support the “torpedoing of OC Smith, nor the decision to end OCS.

Life After OCS

First assignment was to K.I.Sawyer AFB, Michigan (SAC). SAC knew how to run an Air Force Base, and I was a “Really Hot Personnel Officer”. Then came Viet Nam, and I was shafted into the Weapons Controller field and reassigned to Duluth, Minnesota. I was then reassigned from there to 619th Tactical Control Group, Detachment 8, in Ca Mau (the furthest point South in Viet Nam) as Operations Officer and then Commander. After nineteen months and twenty-one TDYs, I was reassigned as an Air Force Advisor to the Air National Guard in Cincinnati, Ohio for the next five years. Off duty, I met, courted, and married Hildegard Anna Maria Breideband, and also earned a BS in Education. We were then reassigned to NATO in Ismir, Turkey in June of 1973, and then to Luke AFB, Arizona in June of 1975. I retired from Luke on 1 June 1977.

Life Today

Retired from twenty years of teaching in May of 1998. Often travel to Michigan and Germany for the summers, and play as much tennis and golf as I can. Also, biking, jogging, and swimming are regular events. Hilde and I “enjoy” fighting while playing tennis and bridge. We hope for many more good years together and the next OCS Reunion. Thanks to Tom and everyone else for a great time.