Darvin L. Weirich


Early Life

Born in rural Harper, Texas. Elementary, middle and High School in Federicksburg, Texas.

Enlisted Life

Enlisted in USAF on 2 April 1957.

Life After OCS

Retired as the Chief of Wing Intelligence, 35 TFW, George AFB on 30 April 1978. The AF gave me an opportunity to travel (exotic places like Viet Nam, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Australia, and Hawaii); learn about the world; learn good work habits; make friends; meet my wife, and prepare me for a second career. For my second life, I have been and am working for the Federal Government as a civilian employee (civil service). From May 78 to April 84, I held the following position: Immigration Inspector, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). From April 84 to February 03, I held the positions of Immigration Examiner, Chief Legalization Officer, Supervisory District Adjudications Officer, and Assistant Officer in Charge, USINS, Fresno CA.

Life Today

I am currently the Assistant Officer in Charge, Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security, Fresno CA. Yes, still working, but haven’t won the lottery YET, so I love my job.