David E. Edelschick

EdelschickMarried for 37 years to Karen.
Three daughters:
Tara – Married with an infant son, is closing in on her doctorate in education at Harvard.
Brenda – Married with two sons, has a BA, and is a terrific stay-at-home mom.
Jennifer – Has a doctorate in physical therapy, is working in pediatrics at the Duke Medical Center.

I was a radio repairman for four years prior to OCS. I thought I would go back as a communications officer. But, when they asked, “Who wants to take the pilot’s physical?”, I raised my hand. I ended up being a B-52 co-pilot for four years at K.I. Sawyer AFB in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where I met Karen.

In 1968 I went to fly for Northwest Airlines in Minneapolis. That only lasted for a year (something to do with my big mouth.) I went from flying to driving a cab for two years. Then I hooked up with the civil service, where my military time counted for retirement. I worked for six years with ATF in St. Paul and Peoria as an inspector of breweries, distilleries, and firearms and explosive dealers. Then came six years with ATF in Washington as a label examiner (boring!). I finished with fourteen years as an assembly language programmer for the IRS. I enjoy programming a lot.

In May of 1982, I lost my left leg below the knee in an elevator accident in the federal building where I worked. You can’t sue the government. But, fortunately (?) this elevator was being maintained by a contractor. With the settlement I received, and my civil service annuity, by the end of 1997 I felt financially secure enough to retire. I retired with 37 years service: 10 USAF, 12 ATF, 14 IRS, and one year of accumulated sick leave.

I stunk at retirement; sat around doing nothing all day. I now work three days a week as an assembly language programmer on IRS modernization for a contractor. They would like me to work full time. I love it the way it is.

The lessons I learned at OCS have stood me in good stead, particularly when the going got tough. Not to mention that meeting an elimination board at flying school was a lot like meeting the board after getting drunk at an OCS social function. I was the only one of five who met the elimination board that ended up getting his wings.

I was an officer, but I never supervised anyone. Nevertheless, I often speculate that the lessons I learned at OCS contributed to the success Karen and I had in raising our children.

Karen and I live in Manassas, VA. We enjoy cruising and our three grandsons.


David Eugene Edelschick, 72, of Manassas, was born April 19, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York City, and passed away on November 12, 2012.

He is survived by his wife of 46 years, Karen Edelschick; his daughters, Tara Edelschick and her husband Jeff Barneson, Brenda Edelschick and her husband Kenton Shafer, and Jennifer Edelschick and her partner Carol Cheney; his grandchildren, Zack and Ezra Barneson, and Nathan and Jesse Shafer. He is also survived by his brothers, Danny Edelschick, Matthew and Alex Meltzer, and Mark Edelschick; and his sisters, Ann Greenberg, and Rochelle Handwerker.

Mr. Edelschick was a veteran of the United States Air Force, a member of the Prince William County Chess Club, and a member of the “Old Farts Club”.  A Life Celebration Service was held Friday, November 16, 2012 at Mountcastle Turch Funeral Home, Dale City, VA.