James D. Edwards


Life Prior to USAF

Born in Charlotte, NC July 4, 1940. Grew up on Long Island (NY). Graduated from Princeton University in 1962. Joined USAF July 1962.

OCS Memories

Intense experience that created memories of people that have lasted 40 years. This project is a great Idea to fill in and update the memories. Giving “wooly boogers,” a “burial at sea,” is still a vivid memory.

After OCS

My USAF experience ended as 1st Lt in March 1965. I then joined IBM and worked there for 15 years in various marketing and management assignments including Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Board and Division Vice President. From 1980 until 1989, I continued with large corporations including Vice President of Pricing and Planning for Xerox and President of ATT’s computer business.

In 1989 I founded Tricord Systems and became CEO. Tricord Systems developed and sold network super servers and did over $80 million in its fifth year. Tricord went public on the NASDAQ in 1993. I retired in 1995 but have stayed active on several high-tech boards of directors.

I have two sons, Graham and Chas. Graham graduated from Harvard in 1990 and Chas from Brown in 1992. Both are married, have a daughter each, and live in San Francisco.

My wife Nancy is a photographer.


I continue to live in Boulder, CO and ski in Beaver Creek, CO. Being a grandfather is my most rewarding activity.