Richard L. Jensen

JensenWent to Ground Comm Officers class Biloxi Mississippi.

Went Back to Chicago to marry Rosmarie Gilmartin. (Now my wife of 39 years).

Stationed at Shaw AFB two years (including six mos at U of Omaha finishing degree under Operation Bootstrap).

Stationed at Key West for two years waiting to invade Cuba (tough work, but somebody had to do it). Made Captain in Key West.

Had two kids in AF, one in Omaha, one in Key West. Decided that we had had enough base housing and Air Force Life. Left in 67.

Went back to Chicago to work as Systems Engineer for IBM. Went all over at a bunch of jobs for IBM for 33+ years. Retired two years ago in Raleigh NC. Fishing and teaching computers to old folks like us with Seniornet. Loving every minute of it.

Score: three kids, two married, one Grandson on the way.