Stephen R. Miller

Miller1941 – 4 Feb, born in Omaha, Nebraska

1942 – With parents to New Jersey, Dad in US Navy

1945 – To Lincoln, Nebraska to live after WW 2. Dad is a CPA.

1959 – Graduated from High School. Lettered in Basketball and Golf. Entered University of Nebraska.

1960 – Married Sanah Peterson (my best decision so far). Enlisted in the USAF. To Radar Mechanic School in Denver after basic at Lackland.

1961 – To Hamilton AFB, CA to work on F-101’s. Daughter Nickalina born.

1962 – Daughter Denise born. To Lackland for OCS-63C, an interesting experience.

1963 – Graduated from OCS. To Lowry for Avionics Maintenance Officer School. To Homestead AFB, 31st TFW, as an Avionics Officer on F-100’s.

1964 – 3 month TDY to Cigli AB, Turkey on Nuclear Alert with F-100’s.

1965 – To Vietnam, 3rd TFW, as Avionics Maintenance Officer, F-100’s.

1966 – To Bitburg AB, Germany as an Avionics Maintenance Officer, F-4’s and EB-66’s. TDY to Libya with squadron gunnery range deployment.

1970 – To Altus AFB, OK as an Avionics Maintenance Officer on C-5’s & C-141’s.

1971 – To Ottawa, Canada as an Exchange Officer with the Canadian Forces (F-5, F-104 & F-101#. Learned to curl. Visited many Canadian bases in Canada and Europe. Promoted to Major.

1975 – Attended Air Command and Staff College, Montgomery, AL. Also obtained my degree.

1976 – To Homestead AFB again, 31st TFW, as the Avionics Maintenance Officer on F-4E’s. Bought our first house #w/pool) and sold it at a profit.

1979 – To Egypt (Cairo West AB) as the Technical Assistance Field Team Maintenance Officer to train the Egyptian Air Force (EAF) to maintain the F-4E’s that the USA sold to them. A wonderful experience. I had with me around 100 USAF enlisted technicians who did the actual teaching in all maintenance areas.

1980 – To Luke AFB as Chief of the Wing Maintenance QA section on F-15’s. Promotion to LtCol. Assumed command of the wing Equipment Maintenance Squadron. Bought a house in Phoenix and still have it.

1981 – Our Daughter Denise married Chris Bullock in Phoenix.

1982 – Our Granddaughter Vickie was born to Denise. Sanah and I went to Egypt where I was the Deputy Chief of the Aviation Section of the Office of Military Cooperation in the American Embassy, Cairo. We looked after the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programs that the USG has with the Egyptian Air Force.

1985 – To Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as a Section Chief in the International Logistics Center and responsible for USAF FMS programs in Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, and Iran (did not visit there). I visited the 3 other countries several times. I managed a crew of DOD civilians.

1988 – Granddaughter Veronica born to Denise.

1989 – Retired from the USAF (29 years). Moved to Virginia near Washington DC to work for Information Spectrum, Incorporated. I supported the US NAVY in the Logistics support areas of the Egyptian E-2C FMS program. Bought a very expensive house and sold it later at a loss (bummer).

1994 – Granddaughter Valerie born to Denise.

1999 – Sanah and I to Egypt again as the United States Navy’s Weapon Systems Logistics Officer in support of the EAF’s FMS programs for their H-3’s, SH-2G(E)’s, and E-2C’s. We remodeled our house in Phoenix, at great expense I might add. We plan to retire there.

2006 – I plan to retire this year in Phoenix. Let’s hope I make it.