Charles H. Wood

WoodJoined the Army in 1956, stayed three years, out two, rejoined the Air Force in late 1960, and went to OCS in 1962. OCS was a great experience. Considered by itself, I still place a great value on it and have always been glad I went.

From there I went, unfortunately, to SAC, and worked on Minuteman missiles in Cheyenne, Wyoming and Minot, North Dakota for seven and a half years. SAC and I didn’t like each other much so my “career” progression came to a halt, and became as a whole nothing at all to brag about. Went from Minot to ADC in Florida for five years, and did some interesting work making aerial targets for weapons testing out of old Bomarc and Mace missiles. This was at Eglin AFB.

Retired in Jan. 1978 at Mountain Home AFB, ID. Since then I’ve been divorced, remarried, and divorced again. Been single for 14 years, and completely unattached for about six. I finally had to conclude that even though it might be very hard to carry on without the benefits of regular feminine companionship, I just couldn’t pay the price anymore. All difficulties primarily my fault. My only real success in life appears to be as a father and grandfather. Things there have always worked well, and seem likely to continue doing so.

Having been prompted by Bob Ackerman’s suggested outline for this to even consider the matter, I would have to say that my only real plan for the future is to continue educating myself, in the philosophical sense, to the fullest extent possible. I will be 67 in August and have been fortunate to enjoy excellent health to the present moment. I wish all the best to my 63C classmates and their families.