Ben J. Fuhrman

FuhrmanI was born and raised in and around Fort Wayne, Indiana, and graduated High School in 1955; That same year I joined the Indiana ANG and was assigned as a jet engine mechanic working on the F-86 and then the F-84.

I entered the regular Air Force in May 1958 and completed tech school at Lowry AFB, Colorado. After tech school, I was assigned to the 301st A&E Squadron at Lockbourne AFB, Ohio, as a Bomb/Nav mechanic on the B/EB-47.

In 1963, I was accepted for Officer Candidate School at Lackland and graduated 2nd Lt in June.  After graduation, I went to Webb AFB, TX. for pilot training. My first assignment was to Minot AFB, ND as a co-pilot on the B-52H. I was there for three relatively boring winters and finally decided to seek a more exciting line of work – in a warmer locale!

Well, I certainly got more heat and excitement!!  I flew the F-105 out of Korat, Thailand from January 1968.  After 119 missions, 100 over the North, I was re-assigned to Williams AFB, AZ as an Instructor Pilot in the T-38.

I then spent 3 years in rated supplement behind a desk at Kadena AFB, Japan and then back to Williams as a T-37 Instructor Pilot. From there I went to Sembach AFB, Germany for two years, and my last year was spent at Keesler AFB, Ms.

I  retired in Nov 1984 and got a job as a commercial airline pilot for People Express, flying out of Newark Airport. Later, I went to Continental Airlines and flew B-727 out of Denver and Houston.  I met my wife, Janelle in Denver, and we were married in 1993. She is from Sydney, Australia.

My last four years in civil aviation were with Continental Air Micronesia out of Guam. We continued to live in Denver, and I commuted monthly from Denver to Guam -19 hours one way!!

I retired again in Nov 1999 and started part-time Real Estate sales in 2002. The rest of our time was spent playing golf, traveling to Europe, the Orient, and Australia. We now maintain a home in Mesa, Az as well as in  Coffs Harbour, Australia. The door is always unlocked and we will leave the light on for you!