William Howard (Bill) Greene, Sr.

Bill Greene is the son of Tilmon and Maggie Brown Greene.  His mother was born in Madison County, FL, and his father was born in Macon County, GA. They met and married in Sebring, FL where Bill and his five siblings were born.  In 1950, after a year in Washington, DC, Bill’s father, an Army sergeant, was transferred back to Korea. The remaining Greene family moved back to Pinetta, FL near where Bill’s mother was born.

While attending Madison High School in Pinetta, Bill met Francis Louise Ellington who was born in Winter Haven, FL.  Bill and Francis became engaged upon graduating in 1956 – just before Bill entered the USAF. Bill then attended various USAF training programs – before being sent to what was then French Morocco in 1957. Francis and Bill were married upon his return in January 1958 when he was assigned to Hunter AFB, GA.

A short year later, Bill was assigned to Turkey, so Francis headed back to Pinetta to stay with her mother pending Bill’s return.  However, Bill was able to arrange a compassionate transfer to Wheelus AFB, Libya in April 1957 (where his dad was now stationed). Bill arrived at Wheelus one day and Francis the day after.  They remained at Wheelus for two years where their first child was born.

Bill returned to the US in 1961 and was assigned to Tyndall AFB, Panama City, FL, where he and Francis stayed for another two years. In 1963, with their family of three children, Bill headed for Officer’s Candidate School (Class 63-D) in San Antonio. He was commissioned a 2nd Lt. upon graduation in June of 1963 and was re-assigned to Keesler AFB, MS for training as a Communications Officer.

Bill had previously completed over a year of college while at Tyndall and continued those night studies at Keesler. Upon graduating from technical training at Keesler, he and family headed to their new assignment at Shaw AFB, SC where he was assigned as a Tactical Communications Officer. Shortly after being promoted to 1st Lt., Bill was sent to the University of Omaha to complete studies for a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. He then returned to Shaw for another two years before being reassigned again to Keesler for advanced studies as a Communications Staff Officer.

Now a Captain, Bill was assigned to Bien Hoa Air Station, VN for a year while his family remained in MS. Returning, he was assigned to Ellsworth AFB, SD pending reassignment to Texas A&M University, College Station, TX for a master’s degree in computer science. Upon graduating in 1972, Bill was assigned to Headquarters, Strategic Air Command, Omaha, NE for three years as the lead communications project officer on the Advanced Airborne Command Post E-4 (Boeing 747) Program.

In 1975, Bill, now a Major, was sent back to Texas A&M for his Doctorate in computer science.  He graduated with a PhD in 1978 and was reassigned to the Pentagon, Washington, DC where he remained for four years. He was promoted to Lt. Col. the third year and then in the 4th year was assigned as the Commander, 1913th Communications Group, Langley AFB, VA supporting the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing and Tactical Air Command Headquarters. Bill was shortly promoted to Colonel and after two years reassigned back to the Pentagon where he remained until his retirement from the military in 1987.

After many years away from their home state, Bill and Francis headed for the east coast of Florida where Bill became a senior engineer for Harris Corporation near Melbourne, FL. While with Harris, Bill led engineering and implementation of two major programs, the Kennedy Space Center Launch Upgrade and Space Station Processing Program, and the FBI Criminal Information Processing Center Replacement Program.

Twelve years after joining Harris, Bill and Francis decided to retire and travel which they have continued for the most part.; They became interested in searching for their ancestors which has evolved into a full-time work of love for both of them. Now in their second motor home, they have traveled through the US and parts of Canada, usually arranging to do some genealogy research on each trip. They both have traveled extensively during Bill’s military career and in the years since.

World travels include most points in the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, Morocco, Libya, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, and all the states of our grand United States. Travels continue between visits with their grandchildren all located near West Melbourne, FL where Bill and Francis maintain a permanent residence.