Charles E. Moss

MossI enlisted in the USAF in August 1959 and was trained as a Morse Intercept officer and Air Traffic Control Specialist. From 1960 to 1961 I was assigned to TUSLOG DET-3 (Turkey), and then from 1962 assigned to Air Traffic Control at Williams AFB.

In 1963 I was transformed into an Officer and a Gentleman in Officer Candidate School class 63D (the last class of USAF OCS). After gaining my Commission, I was assigned to James Connelly AFG for Navigation Officer training and then Mather AFB for EWO training and then to Castle AFB for B-52 Training

Assignments included 26 Bomb Sq, Altus AFB, 56th Bomb Sq Minot AFB, Anderson AFB (B-52 Ops & Trainer), and in 1973 to Shaw AFB for B-66 Training. In 1973, I served at Korat RTAB as a B-66 Crewmember), and as a B-66 Action Officer at 7th AF. I flew about 96 B-66 combat missions in Southeast Asia. I also flew C-47, B-52-B,C,D,E,F,G,& H, British VC-10, C-97, C-118.

In 1974 finally received my degree- BGS MIS -while on Bootstrap at the University of Omaha. I married my wife Kathy in February 1976.

I also served at Blytheville AFB (EWO Standboard), Goodfellow AFB (SIGINT Officer school), and in 1979 assigned to USAF Security Service. In 1982, I was appointed Chief Penetration Aids at Dyess AFB.

I retired from the USAF in March of 1982 at rank of Major, and began working for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in various capacities including building security, field security, Social Worker, Assistant Chief of Risk Management & Parole. A parole office in Texas is like being a permanent OCS upperclassman!

My wife Kathy and I currently live in an underground earth shelter home – similar to the SAC alert Facility. We have had four sons – who have all grown and have left the nest. My eldest son, Charles, is an Economics College Professor at the University of Florida. My second son, Scott, is a civil servant Computer Project Officer at Randolph AFB, while my third son is Manager of a fast-food restaurant in Virginia. Our youngest son, Jared R., is a robotics welder specializing in boiler manufacturing & repair.