Mary C. Small

SmallWell, here it goes—my life in a few words…I was born June 24, 1942 in Florida. I graduated from Dunnellon High School in 1960 and attended Florida State University 1960 to 1961. I then enlisted in the US Air Force in Oct 1961 and went through basic at Lackland AFB, and then on to technical training at Maxwell AFB, AL (Medical Administration) 1961 –1962.

I was then selected to attend OCS and graduated in June 1963. I then went on to Transportation Officers School at Sheppard AFB, TX in Nov 1963. My first assignment was Travis AFB, CA as a Passenger Service Officer. I was transferred to Aviano AB, Italy in November 1964 and became the Chief, Transportation Division

I married Captain Andre’ Brogoitti in June 1967 and left the Air Force in August 1967. and began a new career as a housewife. Andre left for Viet Nam (he was a F-100 pilot) and I went back to school at the University of Nebraska at Omaha – graduating in 1968.

Andre returned from Viet Nam in Nov 1968 and became an airline pilot. Our son Bret was born in August 1969. I joined the Texas Air National Guard in 1972 and was the first woman in a Reserve force with a minor dependent child!  Bret is now a Lt in the Texas Air National Guard and on active duty.

After a divorce in 1976, I became a full-time employee (Air Technician) with the Texas Air National Guard in 1977 and served as an Admin Officer and later, was assigned as the State Labor Relations Officer. I returned to active duty in 1981 as a Recruiting Officer for the Air National Guard and served as Recruiting Ops Officer, Recruiting Advertising Officer, Personnel Division Chief in Washington, and ANG Advisor to the Commander at the Air Reserve Personnel Center in Denver, CO.

I was promoted to Colonel in 1990 and returned to the Pentagon to serve on the Air Force Personnel Council and as the Director of Personnel Programs for the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs. I retired from active duty in June 1995

I moved to Hawaii (Big Island) and have lived happily ever after. I travel a lot and enjoyed many trips back to Europe and the mainland in the last 7 years. I have been on two around-the-world trips, stopping for a month each in Europe, Egypt, India, Thailand, and China. Last year I went to Europe, Thailand (again), Viet Nam, and Cambodia. Already this year I have been back to Thailand and am going to Russia, Finland, the Baltic States, Germany, and Italy this fall. I see Luke and Rona Spence on a regular basis. I am traveling about six months a year. If you are in Hawaii when I am, stop by and visit!!